Tradewinds Dairy Goats

SGCH Tradewinds Ramona S80481 4*M

SGCH Tradewinds Ramona
  • Sire: +*B Singing Spruce Viceroy
  • SS: ++*B Thunder Run’s Irish Laird
  • SD: Braun’s Singing Spruce Victoria 1*M
  • Dam: Singing Spruce Rhinestone 3*M
  • DS: ++*B Thunder Run’s Irish Laird
  • DD: Kara Kahl B Reva 2*M

3.01 305 3780 143 3.8
4.00 109 1420 50 3.5 in progress(projected 3010)

Ramona was one of the heaviest milkers in our herd. She also excelled in Dairy Character. Ramona was competitive and shown til she was 11 years old. Tradewinds Liaison Rocky was Ramona’s son, and sire of GCH Tradewinds Roc Victory. Rocky was sold to a commercial dairy in Wisconsin where he sired many high producing animals. I bought him back and continued to use him in the Tradewinds herd until his death.

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