Tradewinds Dairy Goats


GCH Tradewinds ROC Victory S1091216 03/14/1998

GCH Tradewinds ROC VictoryGCH Tradewinds ROC Victory

LA: 03-98 FS90 VEEE 30 30 34 28 3021 36 35 24 21 23 10 28 32 EVEVAVEV
Highest one-day test: 3-04 88 17.7# 2.3%BF 26.6 Pts.

Victory was a very special doe in the Tradewinds herd.She is the daughter of, Singing-Spruce CSP Victory Lap who I bought from Claudia Johnson as a yearling. V Lapwas littermate to Claudia's Vash. Victory had 14XBIS and milked a "ton". She did it all as well as being my very favorite. The day she died was a difficult one for me. Her daughter, SGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica, is now makingher own mark in the show ring. Tradewinds Gambler's Luckand Tradewinds RL Victory's Legacy are Victory's sons thatremain in my herd to carry on her line.

GCH Tradewinds April Fools Lass S0729364 2*M

GCH Tradewinds April Fools Lass

1994 Linear Classification 6 yr. 2 mo. FS 83 VEVA
1992 HES Score 90.25
4.11 266 2140 83 3.9
5. 11 125 570 20 3.2

April was our own first finished champion(Tradewinds). April lived to almost 16 years of age, probably because she wasn't bred each year. She never had an easy time of kidding. Her daughter, GCH Tradewinds Paramount Angelica was much like her dam in General Appearance but excelled April in the Mammary System.

GCH Tradewinds Paramount Angelica SO835977 2*M

GCH Tradewinds Paramount Angelica

1994 Linear Classification 3 yrs. 2 mo. FS 88 VEVE
2.00 287 2010 79 3.9
3.00 140 1440 52 3.6 in progress (projected 2440)

Angie excelled in General Appearance being very level and had a well attached Mammary System. She loved to be shown and although her life was cut short having a DA she had 16XBIS. The highlight of her show career was being 1st Place Five Year Old at the 1996 National Show in Springfield, IL.

SGCH Tradewinds Ramona S80481 4*M

SGCH Tradewinds Ramona

3.01 305 3780 143 3.8
4.00 109 1420 50 3.5 in progress(projected 3010)

Ramona was one of the heaviest milkers in our herd. She also excelled in Dairy Character. Ramona was competitive and shown til she was 11 years old. Tradewinds Liaison Rocky was Ramona's son, and sire of GCH Tradewinds Roc Victory. Rocky was sold to a commercial dairy in Wisconsin where he sired many high producing animals. I bought him back and continued to use him in the Tradewinds herd until his death.

Singing-Spruce CSP Victory Lap S0917032

1.01 116 1170 23 in progress(projected 3450)

Victory Lap was purchased as a yearling from Mark & Claudia Johnson and was one of our foundation does. She was a heavy milker and because of that it was difficult to keep weight on her. She produced many fine animals in the Tradewinds herd. V Lap as she was affectionately called was littermate to GCH Singing Spruce CSP Vash (1995 LA 2.4 FS 90 VEEE; DHIR 4.01 305 4325 119 TOP TEN).

*B Singing Spruce NES Paramount S800239

Singing Spruce NES Paramount

Paramount is a full brother to GCH Singing Spruce Peregrine and sire ofGCH Tradewinds Paramount Angelica. Paramount was a handsome buckalthough very difficult to handle.