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Tradewinds' Saanen Does

SGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica S1297179 04/23/03

SSGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica SSGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica

LA: 4 yr 92 EEEE 30 30 33 37 34 31 40 38 27 25 28 24 22 27 VVEEVEEV
DHIR: 3-11 303 2829 83 84

NEW -- Recently, I received a letter from ADGA stating that Veronica has just qualified for the Superior Genetics(SG) designation.

Veronica is out of my favorite doe, Victory, who I lost in 2005 after a difficult kidding. Veronica finished her championship as a yearling and as a two year old in 2005 had several BOB and 3xBIS. As she matures she looks more and more like her dam but is bigger boned and has stronger feet and legs. In 2006 she was 4th place in the 3 year old class at Nationals in Indianapolis. Of the 10 shows we attended this 2007 show season, Veronica was 8xBDIS, 1xBUIS. To date Veronica has been BDIS 18 times. She will be bred to Rocky-Run Mic's Abraham who I purchased this summer. Veronica's kids are $800. She is due to kid in mid-April.

CH Tradewinds RL Vicenta S1307978 03/12/2004

CH Tradewinds RL Vicenta CH Tradewinds RL Vicenta

LA: 3 yr 91 EEVE 29 27 35 35 28 32 39 46 23 20 30 21 20 24 V+VEVEEV
DHIR: 3-00 298 2644 63 69

Vicenta finished her championship in 2006 and in 2005 was GCH under Lauren Acton at the Wisconsin State Fair as a yearling. She is long and level like her dam with a very well attached mammary with a rear udder height of 46. Her daughter, Valerie became a champion this year as a first freshening two year old. I really like Valerie so will repeat that breeding this year. Vicenta is bred to Tradewinds Gambler's Luck for March kids. Vicenta's kids are $600.

CH Tradewinds RL Polly S1373344 04/26/05

CH Tradewinds RL Polly CH Tradewinds RL Polly

LA: 2 yrs. VVEE 89 22 28 30 37 28 31 38 36 26 28 31 22 22 25 V+VV+EEV
DHIR: 1-10 324 2816 110 83

Polly was a pleasant surprise when she freshened. She was one of those kids that you never think will mature into a show quality milker. She has a strong medial suspensory ligament, tight toes and short pasterns. Like most of the Ralph daughters, Polly is extremely level. She placed 9th in the yearling milker class at the 2006 Nationals and as a two year old finished her championship early in the show season. Polly will be bred to Kapra Vista Cassini Shamus in November and her kids will be $400.

CH Tradewinds Lucky's Valerie S1398621 05/13/05

CH Tradewinds Lucky's Valerie CH Tradewinds Lucky's Valerie

LA: 2 yr. VEEE 89 24 27 32 34 34 30 37 38 28 30 28 24 20 25V+VVVEEV
DHIR: 1-09 325 2918 72 75

I really like Valerie. She was Vicenta's single doe kid as a yearling and because she was born in May I did not breed her until last fall. She was not shown until this year as a first freshening two year old. She has a well attached mammary system and milks very well for a first freshener. Valerie finished her championship at the Sandwich Fair this past September. She is bred to Ralph for early March kids. Valerie's kids are $400.

CH Tradewinds MOW Patti S1205319 03/17/2001

CH Tradewinds MOW Patti CH Tradewinds MOW Patti

Patti finished her championship the first three shows out as a first freshening two year old. She doesn't have that pretty dairy head that most of my does have and has little larger teats than I like but milks well and has earned a permanent place in my herd. Patti kidded with triplets last April. Because of her heavy milk production I had no trouble selling her bucks to commercial dairies. Patti will again be bred to Ralph for April kids. Kids are $400.

Tradewinds MOW Vanity S1209649 05/12/2001

Tradewinds MOW Vanity Tradewinds MOW Vanity

Vanity is 6 years old this year and has at least one leg towards her championship. She is also long and level like most of the Tradewinds goats but does not quite have the milk capacity of others in the herd. Vanity is bred again to Ralph for late March kids. Kids are $300.

CH Tradewinds MOW Victoria Secret S1231203 04/12/02

CH Tradewinds MOW Victoria Secret CH Tradewinds MOW Victoria Secret

Secret placed 4th in Dry Yearling at the 2003 National Show in Des Moines, Iowa. She is long and level with a very correct mammary. I wish she were a little larger doe, as it seems the larger Saanens are winning in the show ring. Secret is very dairy as are most of my animals. Secret's three-year-old daughter, Vicenta, finished her championship last year. Secret has two yearling daughters, Sabrina and Sasha who are always placing at the top of their class. Secret had a difficult kidding this spring so I am giving her a year off so she will not be bred this fall.

Tradewinds RL Bismarck S1337096 03/13/04

I bought Bismarck back from Claudia Johnson this summer. Although not a tremendous milker , Bismarck excels in strength, levelness and power combined with a snug mammary. Because she spent one year dry she became quite fat so she has been on a diet and is getting more exercise so hopefully we will be able to show her next spring. Bismarck is bred to Rocky-Run Mic's Abraham for March kids. Bismarck's kids are $300.

Sunny-Skies LTD Andromeda (Andie) S1349368 03/26/04

Sunny Skies LTD Andromeda GCH Sunny-Skies Annastasia

I bought Andie from Becky Jennings this past summer as I was very interested in bringing some of the Sunny-Skies bloodlines into my herd. Design is Ralph's littermate and Annastasia was a tremendous doe in her own right. Unfortunately Andie has some health problems that I am still working on getting resolved. Andie was bred early October to Tradewinds Gambler's Luck and her kids will be $300. Pictured beside Andie is her Dam, GCH Sunny-Skies Annastasia.

Tradewinds RL Sasha S1378062 02/25/06

LA: 1.0 VEVE 89 23 28 33 35 26 30 36 40 24 24 35 25 19 23 EVVV+EVV
DHIR: 1-02 283 1505 50 46

Sasha and Sabrina are littermates from Secret x Ralph. As a yearling milker Sabrina usually beat Sasha in the show ring but I think as she matures Sasha will be the best overall milker. Sasha is bred to Tradewinds Gambler's Luck for April kids. Sasha's kids will be $300.

Tradewinds RL Sabrina S1378061 02/25/06

Tradewinds RL Sabrina

LA: 1.0 VVVE 88 24 27 31 33 30 30 36 40 27 27 34 21 19 24 V+VV+VVV
DHIR: 1-01 298 1632 65 52

Sabrina usually stands at the top of the yearling milker class. She is a little larger doe than her littermate Sasha. Most of my young animals will be bred to Kapra Vista Cassini Shamus. Sabrina's kids will be priced at $300.

Tradewinds Legacy's Snow S1379699 03/24/06

LA: 1.0 VVVV 87 17 28 31 36 30 32 34 41 23 19 37 20 16 21 +++E+EEV
DHIR: 1-01 193 1040 21 28

Snow is a smaller doe possibly because the breeding is quite close. I really like her kid from this spring out of Lucky. Snow is bred to Kapra Vista Cassini Shamus and her kids are priced at $300.