Tradewinds Dairy Goats

Kidding has begun!

Tradewinds Shamus Pipit kidded 3/22/10 with twin bucks sired by Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren.  Both sold.

Tradewinds Lucky’s Annabelle kidded 3/22/10 with triplet bucks sired by Tradewinds SUN Verizon.  None available.

Tradewinds RL Vicenta kidded 3/22/10 with twin does sired by Tradewinds Gambler’s Luck.  None available.

Tradewinds MOW Victoria Secret kidded 3/23/10 with a buck and a doe sired by Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren .  None available.

Tradewinds Shamus Pandora kidded 4/14/10 with a single buck sired by Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren.   Buck sold.

Tradewinds Lucky’s Valerie kidded 4/18/10 with a buck and a doe sired by Rocky-Run Mic’s Abraham.   None available.

Tradewinds VS Vera Wang kidded on 5/2/10 with a single buck.  Buck is still available. 

Tradewinds RL Veronica kidded on 5/3/10 with a single doe.  Doe remaining in herd  Sired by Tradewinds Gambler’s Luck.

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