Tradewinds Dairy Goats

2009 NAILE Report-SGCH Tradewinds Lucky’s Valerie

2009 NAILE Best Udder in Show and Grand Champion

2009 NAILE Best Udder in Show and Grand Champion Saanen

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  1. Andrei Tsitou says:

    How are you doing? I am looking for work on a farm in the united states.

    Andrei Tsitou
    Phone: 011-(375)-29-749-6163
    skype: ilent84211
    e-mail address:

    Sovetskaia 12
    Belarus 213500


    I have some working experience in the USA (Working J-1 visa for 6 month: April-September 2010). I had a job as an Associate Veterinarian at the local pig farm in Alexis, IL. I was responsible for the animal vaccination at the farm. I participated in some small surgeries, preventive practices, providing some nutritional diets and taking care of some animals. Also I can operate a farm tractor and some other farm equipment.

    I would like to have some position at the animal farm according to my basic education and working experience in the USA and Belarus.

    Summary of my skills:

    Five years of experience in animal vaccination and animal surgery
    Excellent veterinary skills
    Capable of performing surgeries under anesthesia
    Good communication skills
    Good computer skills
    Ability to solve the problems and work individually

    MD in Veterinary Medicine from Vitebsk Academy of Veterinary Medicine, Belarus (2006)

    Work Experience in Belarus:
    (July 2008 -2010) Independent Veterinarian Consultant Present-Kritcev, Belarus
    Veterinarian consulting services
    Providing the basic nursing care to the animal
    Successfully performed anesthetic surgeries of the animals
    Taking care of the animals if shifted to the intensive care unit after surgery
    Required veterinarian vaccinations

    (January 2006 – May 2008)Sokolnichi LLC, General Veterinarian Belarus
    Responsible for the providing first aid to dogs, cats, pigs and other animals
    Carrying out anesthetic surgery in case of emergency
    Responsible for conducting an orthopedic and other surgeries
    Responsible for deciding pet nutrition and prescribing the pet diet according to the pet’s health after surgery till recovery


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