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SGCH Tradewinds RL Polly S1373344 04/26/05

SGCH Tradewinds RL Polly

LA: 2 yrs. VVEE 89 22 28 30 37 28 31 38 36 26 28 31 22 22 25 V+VV+EEV

LA: 3-3   VEEE 90 21 28 36 40 25 29 34 39 38 28 23 15 24 33 VAVV+EEV
DHIR: 1-10 324 2816 110 83

Polly was a pleasant surprise when she freshened. She was one of those kids that you never thought would mature into a show quality milker. She has a strong medial suspensoryligament, tight toes and short pasterns. Like most of the Ralph daughters, Polly is extremely level. She placed 9th in the yearling milker class at the 2006 Nationals and as a two year old finished her championship early in the show season. Polly earned her SG designation for Production.  She milks extremely well as does Valerie but Polly’s butterfat is one of the highest in my herd.  Polly was milking through for 2010 show season and had several BDIS wins.  I am hoping to get Polly bred to Verizon for 2011 kids. Polly’s kids are priced at $600.

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  1. Sanjana says:

    Hiya hun, me again lol, I just read your comment on my blog about the friabc for stamping on, I get most of mine from local charity shops. Some of them have scrap material boxes and others don’t but in most cases if you ask them about scrap material and explain the sort of thing you are looking for they will keep it aside for you when they get any, as they get a lot of items in that can’t be sold because of small tears etc and then sell it as scrap, it works out much cheaper than buying friabc new. Hope that helps Lindsay xx

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