Tradewinds Dairy Goats

2008 Show Season Results!

Memorial Day weekend starts show season for the Tradewinds herd. The WIS-IL Show in Janesville, WI proved to be successful for us. In Ring 1 Tradewinds RL Sabrina was Reserve and SGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica was BOB. In Ring 2 Tradewinds Legacy’s Snow was Grand and Sabrina was Reserve. Veronica was BOB and went on to be BDIS. 

The first weekend in June is always the Stateline Classic in Elkhorn, WI.  It is a two day, three ring show.  Does did well……Snow got her second championship leg, Andie got a Reserve in one ring and Sasha did in the other.  Veronica was BOB in all three rings and went on to be BDIS on Sunday.  That makes 20 x BDIS for Veronica!  It is so much fun showing a doe like Veronica.   

Last weekend we went to Henry County Fair in Cambridge, IL.  It is two shows and this year there were over 500 goats entered.  Saturday, Snow got her third leg towards her championship, Veronica was BOB and went on to be BDIS!  On Sunday, Andie went Grand, Sasha was Reserve and again, Veronica was BOB.  It was a lot of fun and the weather cooperated this year which it hasn’t always done in the past……next come Nationals!

Nationals was an interesting week for the Tradewinds herd.  It started with truck trouble on the way down to Louisville that made the 7 hour trip into 9 hours but we did get their safe and sound.  The facilities were fantastic being totally climate controlled and my Saanens were close to the milk house for easy milk disposal in addition to the wash rack area….as everyone knows keeping the white goats “white” is truly a challenge during show season.  The Saanen Junior Doe show was Monday at 4PM with 97 entries.  I only brought milkers and the Senior Doe show was  the following morning at 9AM with 128 entries.  My does’ placings were pretty much middle of the class with 7 of my 8 does making the cut.  The excitement came when SGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica was 1st Place 5-6 year old milker.  That in itself was fantastic!  For the champion lineup to chose the National Champion the judge seemed to be going back and forth between the 4 year old, GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Winseeker and Veronica.  When Winseeker was named National Champion we hoped Veronica would be named Reserve but instead Cisco WWS Mango V8 the 1st place 3 year old took the title.  Both does are beautiful and I congratulate their owners.   It was a fun week…..being able to see some beautiful animals and very well known herds.  I also enjoyed meeting some new Saanen breeders. 

After Linear Appraisal which went well we were on to the Boone County Fair in Belvidere, IL.  Tradewinds RL Sabrina was Grand, Tradewinds Legacy’s Snow was Reserve and Tradewinds RL Veronica was BOB and went on to be BDIS.

This past Sunday, August 17th we attended the Fairbury Fair where we have the opportunity to show against breeders in the central part of Illinois.  This year the show was smaller and although Saanens weren’t official Veronica went BOB and BDIS.   

The Sandwich Fair was held this past week and is one of the biggest shows we enter.  The weather started out very hot…..unloading the animals in  90+ temperatures and then the weather turned very cool and rained 3 inches the day of the senior doe show causing the fair to close down mid afternoon.  Despite the bad weather… was a great show and the does did very well.  I usually don’t show kids but entered 3 to see how they would do.  Tradewinds Shamus Pandora who is a mid May kid went Grand and Reserve was Tradewinds Lucky’s Vicky, a senior kid.  The most exciting thing was though when Pandora went on to be BJDIS!  The senior show was the next day and Tradewinds RL Sabrina earned her second champion leg.  SGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica was BOB and went on to be BDIS!  I was very excited with how the does did.  

The NAILE held in Louisville, KY was our final show in 2008 and it was very exciting!  Tradewinds RL Sabrina was Grand Champion and SGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica was Reserve Champion.  Sabrina went on to be BDIS as well as BUIS.  Our Saanen Best Three Females which consisted of GCH Tradewinds RL Vicenta, GCH Tradewinds RL Sabrina and SGCH Tradewinds RL Polly ended the year right with being named Best Three Females In Show.

2007 NAILE Report


Our last show that we attended this 2007 show season was the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Kentucky the first weekend in November. I always enjoy going as it gives me a chance to exhibit against animals outside our normal show area. The facility is beautiful and it actually is my husband, John’s and my mini vacation “with the goats”. Next year Nationals will be held there.I usually don’t like to show kids but did take three. They placed 1x1st and 2x3rd. In the yearling milker class Sabrina was 1st and Sasha was 3rd. Polly was 1st place two year old and went on to be Reserve Champion. Valerie was 2nd place two year old. Vicenta was 1st place three year old and Veronica was 1st place four year old and then Grand Champion and BDIS and BUIS. We did well in the Group Classes and ended being Premier Saanen Breeder and Exhibitor. And believe it or not my husband actually helped show.

Photos by George Hollis