Tradewinds Dairy Goats

Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren “Ralph” S1227191 04/05/2002

Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren
Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren Get Of Sire

  • SIRE: Willow-Brook Valiant Design
    • 1997 National Show 1st place Junior Get of Sire
    • 2001 National Show 1st place Senior Get of Sire
    • 2003 7th place NSBA Total Doe
    • 4-2 EX 91 VEEE
    • 3-10 305 3305 149 4.5% ext 339 3509 170 4.8% Top Ten
      for Butterfat
    • 2002 & 2003 NSBA Total Doe Winner
    • 4-1 EX 91 VEEE
    • 3-10 305 3723 141 3.8% Top Ten for protein
    • 4-11 259 4100 212 5.2% 127 3.1% Top Ten #1 for
      butterfat and #5 for protein
  • SS: ++*GCH Red-Gate Valiant (FS 90)

    SD: Ch Singing-Spruce Medallion Dylan 6*M

    DAM: SGCH Susan’s-Country-Kids XL Lauren 1*M

  • DS: Hy-Crest Excellence’s Excel
  • DD: Susan’s-Country-Kids Lily

Just by chance I saw a posting on Saanen Talk from
Cari Eshelman-Brown offering a buck kid for sale five
years ago. I really wasn’t in the market for a new herdsire
but something told me he would –click” with my animals.
Ralph is very correct with strong feet and legs and tight toes.
His dam, Lauren, has gone on to be NSBA Total Saanen Doe for two
years in a row. Cari did lose Lauren a couple years ago
but I am surely glad I brought him into my herd. Ralph
improves General Appearance and Mammary System. He has three
champion daughters in my herd:Veronica, Vicenta and Polly. GCH Tradewinds RL Sabrina is owned by Todd Biddle.

Ralph was put to sleep on January 23, 2010 due to existing health problems and a recent leg injury.  He will be greatly missed….he has passed on his greatness to many daughters and sons.  Luckily, I did get three does of mine bred to Ralph this fall and have semen available for sale.

Tradewinds Man-O-War S1175929 03/04/2000

  • Sire: GCH Two Ceders Isle O Man
  • SS: GCH Perfection Snolan
  • SD: GCH Two Ceders Caprice
  • Dam: Singing-Spruce CSP Victory Lap
  • DS: Clovertop’s Snow Plow
  • DD: GCH Singing-Spruce Vermillion

Man-O-War is a very large powerful buck. His offspring are long and level with nice mammary systems. Patti was Man O War’s first champion daughter. Tradewinds MOW Victoria Secret is also a champion daughter.

Unfortunately, I lost Man-O-War 1/12/09….the frigid temperatures and heavy snow have taken it’s toll on the animals this winter season….he will be greatly missed.  His champion daughters, Patti and Secret have produced some of my best animals.  I did have had him collected, so will look forward to more MOW daughters in the future.

Tradewinds Gambler’s Luck S1326499 03/29/2004

I liked the cross between Gambler and Victory and
because I lost Gambler to old age a couple of years
ago I was glad I kept a son. His daughters are long,
level and have a very high and wide escutcheon and
strong feet and legs. He also improved medial suspensory
ligament. CH Tradewinds Lucky’s Valerie is his first
champion daughter.  Semen is available from Lucky for $25  a straw.

Tradewinds RL Victory’s Legacy S1354046 03/29/2005

Legacy is Victory’s last offspring. I lost her after a
difficult kidding in 2005 so it was an easy decision
to keep her buck out of Ralph. He is a very correct buck
with the strongest feet and legs you could ever imagine.
He was used heavily last breeding season and will
have milkers freshening in 2007.


Sunny-Skies LTD Atlas S1372034 03/23/06

Sunny Skies LTD Atlas

  • Sire: +B Willow-Brook Limited Design
  • SS: +*B Willow-Brook Valiant Design
  • SD: SGCH Susan’s-Country Kids XL Lauren
  • Dam: Sunny-Skies Hawk Angelica
  • DS: Sunny-Skies AV Sea Hawk
  • DD: GCH Sunny-Skies Annastasia

Willow-Brook Limited Design is littermate to Tradewinds
Designer R Lauren
. Because Ralph has brought such
improvement to my herd I was very interested in purchasing
Atlas from Becky Jennings this summer. Sandi Lance’s
Angelica was a beautiful sharp and angular doe with a strong
mammary system(LA: FS 89 VEEV). Karen Smith leased
Atlas last fall and was pleased with the kids he produced in
her herd. Although Atlas is closely related to Ralph and
Legacy I will be using him quite a bit this fall.

Kapra Vista Cassini Shamus S1408866 04/07/07

Kapra Vista Cassini Shamus

  • Sire: Kapra Vista Casimir T Cassini
  • SS: +*B Lake-Country Satin Casimir
  • SD: SG Kapra Vista Sharidan Tsarami(LA 4 yr 92 EEEE)
  • Dam: SG Kapra Vista Tsaesar Shairone(LA 2 yr 89 EEEE)
  • DS: SG Kapra Vista Marquis Tsaesar
  • DD: Kapra Vista Profit Shair

It is hard to find a purebred buck as the gene pool keeps getting smaller and smaller. I was looking to increase body capacity and milk production in my herd and am hoping Shamus will do that. His dam,Kapra Vista Tsaesar Shairone is Top Ten in production, butterfat and protein in 2006. Shamus is a large buck kid with strong bone. He will be used on most of the younger animals.

Rocky-Run MIC’S Abraham S1295000 04/04/04

  • Sire: +B Willow-Brook Andrew’s Dynamic
  • SS: Clovertop’s P. Andrew
  • SD: GCH Singing-Spruce Medallion Dylan (LA FS91 VEEE)
  • Dam: SGCH Rocky-Run F Angel (LA FS91 EVEE)
  • DS: Rocky Run Franchise
  • DD: GCH Rocky-Run Jessie’s Cherub (LA FS92 EEEE @ 9-03)

I had the opportunity to purchase Mic from Becky
Jennings this summer. He is a full brother to GCH Rocky-
Run Mic’s Seraphim (LA: FS 89 VVVE 3-02). Mic is
a handsome buck with a fantastic pedigree. He will be
used extensively in my herd this fall.