Tradewinds Dairy Goats

Sunny-Skies LTD Atlas S1372034 03/23/06

Sunny Skies LTD Atlas

  • Sire: +B Willow-Brook Limited Design
  • SS: +*B Willow-Brook Valiant Design
  • SD: SGCH Susan’s-Country Kids XL Lauren
  • Dam: Sunny-Skies Hawk Angelica
  • DS: Sunny-Skies AV Sea Hawk
  • DD: GCH Sunny-Skies Annastasia

Willow-Brook Limited Design is littermate to Tradewinds
Designer R Lauren
. Because Ralph has brought such
improvement to my herd I was very interested in purchasing
Atlas from Becky Jennings this summer. Sandi Lance’s
Angelica was a beautiful sharp and angular doe with a strong
mammary system(LA: FS 89 VEEV). Karen Smith leased
Atlas last fall and was pleased with the kids he produced in
her herd. Although Atlas is closely related to Ralph and
Legacy I will be using him quite a bit this fall.

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