Tradewinds Dairy Goats

About Tradewinds

Photo by Heather Eidson/Beacon News

Tradewinds is a relatively small herd of purebred Saanens which began a little over 20 years ago when my daughter, Alison was in 4-H. Then my son, Justin owned the goats but now they are my "project" so to speak and bring me much enjoyment after having a long day working off the farm as a mortgage loan officer for a local financial institution. After dealing with people all day it is enjoyable to go to the barn to be with the goats. My total herd right now, which includes seven bucks, is 30. That will change when kidding season starts but usually I am able to sell the milkers that don't make the show string pretty quickly. We also have horses which are my husband's hobby and it is difficult to leave too many goats home with him when I am at a show; therefore my herd remains relatively small.