Tradewinds Dairy Goats



Due to changes in my personal life my Saanens are temporarily at other Saanen breeders farms. Please contact me via email or phone at 847-531-3640 for information…..

Older does who will be kidding are: SGCH Tradewinds RL Veronica, SGCH Tradewinds RL Polly, SGCH Tradewinds Lucky’s Valerie, GCH Tradewinds Sun Vera Wang, Tradewinds RL Secret’s Song, Tradewinds Mic’s Valise and Tradewinds Lucky’s Veil.

Tradewinds is still committed to raising quality purebred Saanens that are competitve in the show ring, milk well and have linear appraisal scores….please see ADGA website for LA scores from 2011.

Cheryl Landeck