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ADGA Young Sire Development Program







Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that the buck above owned and bred by you has qualified for the ADGA Sire Development Program (ADGA-SDP). According to performance records, he has a calculated Estimated Transmitting Ability (ETA) of 6 for Production over Type (2:1) and 13 for Type over Production (1:2). 


The ADGA Sire Development Program is designed for the benefit of breeders and we would like your participation. By encouraging the “proving” of this buck while he is still young, the breed will benefit from the resulting performance data generated by his progeny. This will increase the reliability of his genetic evaluation and in addition, allow for the calculation of his sons and daughters ETA’s. You can do this by suggesting the guidelines below.


1. Use your buck through both artificial insemination and natural service, to generate a proof. 

Place as many of his daughters in herds that participate in DHIR Production Testing and ADGA Linear Appraisal as possible. More daughters in different herds will help reduce the effect of management and environmental influences on your buck’s PTI’s.

2.  To enable Production and Type data to be gathered early in his life, freshen as many of his yearling daughters as possible. The minimum requirement to create a PTI score for your buck is; five daughters on DHIR test and one that is Linear Appraised. Higher reliability is achieved if those daughters are in multiple herds. This is sufficient to get an initial indication of a buck’s genetic ability. 

3.  Realizing that the only input for ETA calculations comes through the DHIR Production Testing program and the ADGA Linear Appraisal program, encourage herds containing his daughters to participate in both performance programs. This will generate the needed data to both “prove” him and supply data with which to evaluate the next generation.


As data is gathered, an animal’s ETA values may change.  Bucks are evaluated for type and production from data provided to us by the USDA.  The current calculated ETA values are from the 11/09 yield and11/09 type evaluations which for your buck appear on his extended pedigree just below his name.


With the above methods, and through the USDA Sire Summaries, your buck’s true production and type transmitting abilities can be known by the time he is three years-old. If, in fact, he turns out to be as good or better than his current ETA indicates, he will still be young enough to have quality semen collected and/or be used naturally on many does. We hope that you will take an active part in helping your herdsire reach his genetic potential.


On behalf of the ADGA Sire Development Committee,



Lisa M. Shepard

Performance Programs Coordinator          

2009 NAILE Report-SGCH Tradewinds Lucky’s Valerie

2009 NAILE Best Udder in Show and Grand Champion

2009 NAILE Best Udder in Show and Grand Champion Saanen